Women In Business invests in our youth and country by encouraging Eco Conservation and being environmentally aware.  As the CEO and leader of Women In Business, Ali Engelbrecht has dedicated every kilometre that she walks to raising funds and awareness of conservation of our environment.  Donate or sponsor now for Ali's next walk which is on Sunday 18th November 2018 as part of the KZN Trail Running Summer Series.  Ali will be walking 10 kms.  Why not sponsor R1 per kilometre - all it will cost you is R10?  
Ali will work in association with The Jonny Lowe Memorial Trust (JLMT) to encourage responsible and educational learning about our precious environments. JLMT has supported many environmental projects one of them being Project Rhino KZN.

The current project for raising awareness and funds is the upgrade of the Nyandu Bush Camp at the Weenen Game Reserve.   Once complete the Nyandu Camp will provide accommodation and essential facilities for school groups.  The camp is now operational.  We will continue fund raising for additional infrastructure for the camp.  

The Camp will be the base from which students and teachers will venture out into the Nature Reserve to enjoy the unique experiences of the Weenen Game Reserve. For many young people the visit to Nyandu Camp will be their first visit to a Game Reserve.  Schools will be able to send up to 30 youngsters and 6 teachers to the facility.  Trained environmental monitors will be assigned to each group to present well structured, researched and educationally sound environmentla themes.  The themes will cover the Weenen Game Reserve environment whilst also dealing with wider conservation issues.  

Programmes will be interactive, include group work, guided walks and game drives.  The Nyandu Bush Camp will provide safe, functional and comfortable facilities for the express purposes of environmental education programmes to encourage a respect and a love of our natural resources.  

Weenen Game Reserve is an exceptionally valuable small reserve.  It is home to the whilte and more endangered black rhinio, as well as a host of other animals.  The reserve provides ideal habitats for all these species so they breed exceptionally well.
Neighbouring communities, whose lands surround the Reserve, participate in and benefit from various programmes operating in the Reserve.  It is through these programmes that awareness is created of the value wildlife and wilderness areas can play in providing sustainable opportunities. 
Photo courtsey of Kathy Gerber

Women In Business and Ali Engelbrecht invite your support of the Youth Development Educational excursions.  Each of these excursions costs approimately R25,000.  Whatever contribution you would care to make would be greatly appreciated.  Amounts of R1,000 and above qualify for a I&A Tax Receipt.  

Would you like to get involved?  Would you like to support Ali on her walks? Would you like to make a donation to the JLMT Memorial Trust to assist with their Youth Development around conservation and environmental education?  If you answered yes to any of these questions then contact JLMT through the contact us option on the website.